Monica Kranner’s services extend beyond working with private clients. She acts as an expert advisor to organisations of all sizes, across all industries, to:

  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Boost performance
  • Improve morale
  • Encourage stronger teamwork

She achieves this by focusing on optimal nutrition, healthy eating, and key lifestyle changes. Monica’s unique programme has proven to deliver outstanding financial and non-financial benefits to numerous organisations. 

Her clients’ employees love their healthier bodies, enjoy a new lease of life, and discover a better work experience in a tighter team.


Monica is happy to provide individual consultations and / or group workshops, based on your specific requirements and goals. 

Individual consultations cover:

  • Personalised nutrition plans based on individuals’ needs and blood tests 
  • The best exercise techniques and routines to lose weight and improve BMI (Body Mass Index)

Group workshops cover areas specific to each organisation and its staff members, including:

  • Nutrient-rich meal planning
  • Weight-loss exercises devised for the home and office
  • Advice on eating on the run
  • Exercises for achieving a better work-life balance
  • Cookery courses 
  • Local supermarket tours to discover healthy foods 
  • Preventing diseases through low-carb diets and regular body-composition analysis


Monica works with organisations to:

  • Create a better, healthier selection of food in staff canteens for a company-wide impact
  • Ensure easy access to healthy, fat-burning foods and good snacks in the workplace
  • Build a support network amongst colleagues to encourage good health and an active lifestyle


Monica’s corporate wellness work has helped many organisations. Notable results include:

  • Increased motivation and higher morale
  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Improved staff performance 
  • A happier approach to eating healthy foods and living a healthier life

Such positive outcomes drive organisations to maximise performance, unlock their teams’ full potential, and increase their productivity.


Monica has worked with such clients as:

  • Multinational corporations 
  • International NGOs
  • International NPOs
  • Family-run businesses
  • Growing enterprises