Specialist Areas:

Monica creates personalised nutritional plans for:

  • Weight management (including combating obesity)
  • Metabolic health (including Metabolic Balance®)
  • Tisanoreica®, the Italian Mediterranean Diet
  • Food intolerances
  • Fertility (male and female)
  • Healthy ageing
  • Digestive health 
  • Digestive disorders
  • Skin health
  • Improving fatigue, efficiency, and concentration
  • Stress
  • Active lifestyle


Monica has years of invaluable experience working with a diverse range of clients. She has the skills, training, and expertise to deliver vital support for anyone looking to: 

  • Improve performance
  • Enhance wellbeing
  • Manage weight more effectively

She has helped actors, executives, students, Olympic athletes, new mothers, and more — all of whom have discovered ways to improve their health through tailored nutrition plans.

Monica’s techniques, planning, and support will transform your life for the better. Trust her to inspire, motivate, and encourage you to achieve lasting results. 

Your Unique Nutrition Plan

Monica is committed to creating an individual nutrition plan just for you. 

This is based on 36 laboratory values identified through a simple blood test. These enable Monica to establish the right parameters for the proper metabolic and hormonal function for your unique biochemistry. 

Your nutrition plan contains a balanced selection of healthy recipes for meals and snacks. This revitalises your body’s ability to burn fat through the night while you sleep (lipolysis) and kick-starts your metabolism. 

You’ll look and feel better, enjoy restful sleep and cultivate a healthier lifestyle for years to come. 


Monica Kranner’s programme achieves extraordinary success for clients, due to the sound scientific foundation upon which it is built. 

Monica’s programme is now in its 15th year in Europe — and is growing at an amazing rate. More individuals and businesses are embracing the power of a personalised nutrition plan, achieving real results that stand the test of time. 

The benefits and scientific value of Monica’s programme have been proven by major improvements in clients’ lab values. And the advantages are clear to see 

in clients’ enhanced health, vitality, self-confidence, and weight management. 

Results become noticeable within as little as two weeks. 

All Foods are Widely Available

Any healthy foods and ingredients Monica recommends are available at your local supermarket. 

No expensive niche stores. No inconvenience. Just great options and delicious recipes. 

Get the Complete Package

Monica’s professional services extend far beyond nutritional advice. Her work includes:

  • Catering plans
  • Exercise for weight loss
  • Information and advice on healthy food shopping
  • Recipes for healthy meals and snacks
  • Guidance on the best foods for effective, healthy weight loss
  • Fat-burning foods 
  • Cookery courses 



Monica Kranner’s services extend beyond working with private clients. She acts as an expert advisor to organisations of all sizes, across all industries, to:

  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Boost performance
  • Improve morale
  • Encourage stronger teamwork

She achieves this by focusing on optimal nutrition, healthy eating, and key lifestyle changes. Monica’s unique programme has proven to deliver outstanding financial and non-financial benefits to numerous organisations. 

Her clients’ employees love their healthier bodies, enjoy a new lease of life, and discover a better work experience in a tighter team.


Monica is happy to provide individual consultations and / or group workshops, based on your specific requirements and goals. 

Individual consultations cover:

  • Personalised nutrition plans based on individuals’ needs and blood tests 
  • The best exercise techniques and routines to lose weight and improve BMI (Body Mass Index)

Group workshops cover areas specific to each organisation and its staff members, including:

  • Nutrient-rich meal planning
  • Weight-loss exercises devised for the home and office
  • Advice on eating on the run
  • Exercises for achieving a better work-life balance
  • Cookery courses 
  • Local supermarket tours to discover healthy foods 
  • Preventing diseases through low-carb diets and regular body-composition analysis


Monica works with organisations to:

  • Create a better, healthier selection of food in staff canteens for a company-wide impact
  • Ensure easy access to healthy, fat-burning foods and good snacks in the workplace
  • Build a support network amongst colleagues to encourage good health and an active lifestyle


Monica’s corporate wellness work has helped many organisations. Notable results include:

  • Increased motivation and higher morale
  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Improved staff performance 
  • A happier approach to eating healthy foods and living a healthier life

Such positive outcomes drive organisations to maximise performance, unlock their teams’ full potential, and increase their productivity.


Monica has worked with such clients as:

  • Multinational corporations 
  • International NGOs
  • International NPOs
  • Family-run businesses
  • Growing enterprises